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  • Library

    Library occupies a place of pride in Sidhi Sadan and is an essential component of the institute's outstanding research and education mission. It is a most luminous place on the campus providing a safe, comfortable and friendly environment that enables learning and advancement of knowledge, and promotes discovery and scholarship. Library functions for the benefit of the students, faculty and the research scholars.

    Computers with Internet browsing facility are available in the Library. These computers are meant to be used free of cost by the Faculty, and Students only for browsing the Internet for their Academic, Research and Patient Care related matters.

  • Computer Lab

    Computer lab is equipped with 25 computers with internet facilities. All Students can easily avail the facility totaly free of cost.

  • Various Labs

    Each department of the Lourdes College of Nursing-Sidhi Sadan has separate laboratories which are fully outfitted.

    The laboratories are:

    • Fundamentals of Nursing laboratory
    • Medical Surgical Nursing laboratory
    • Child Health Nursing laboratory Community Health Nursing laboratory
    • Maternity Nursing laboratory
    • Nutrition laboratory
    • Computer Laboratory

    All the laboratories are equipped with Mannequins, Simulators, and Necessary Articles for Procedure Demonstrations, Models, Specimens, and Audio Visual Aids etc. Computer labs are functioned with internet facilities.

    Laboratories are utilized for demonstrations and student practice of procedures under supervision.

  • KUHS Exam Centre

    Sidhi Sadan has its own examination center under Kerala University of Health Science, Thrissur. The center is facilitated with amenities for the examination such as confidential room, online facilities for uploading the question paper, Multi system Printer, CCTV, Telephone with Fax availability. Institution has the facility to accommodate more than 200 students at a time in two examination hall.

  • Hostel

    Aim and Objective

    The Hostel aims at providing comfortable atmosphere conducive to learning with all boarding, lodging and meals facilities to all the inmates of this hostel. The supervision and control of students residing in Lourdes College / School of Nursing hostel will rest with the management of Sidhi Sadan. The Principal of the College will be the overall in-charge. The management appoints Warden and the Hostel-In-Charge from time to time. The warden and hostel –in-Charge will be responsible for the day-to-day management of hostel and maintenance of discipline.


    • Admission to the hostel is restricted to single female students of Nursing Programmes.
    • Nursing students are advised not to get married during the course for a better academic performance.
    • The students who seek admission to the College hostel shall submit an application in the prescribed form to the principal in duplicate, one of the applications shall be filed in the college office and the other in the hostel.
    • On entry to the hostel the student signs a declaration form of discipline counter signed by the parent.
    • The students admitted to the hostel must pay the fees in advance at the cash counter as given in the Fee Structure, which may be revised from time to time.


    • English will be the common and official language.
    • Students admitted to the hostel will abide by the hostel rule. Those failing to abide by the rules will be subjected to disciplinary action against.
    • Students once admitted in the hostel may be permitted to withdraw from the hostel only with a written application to the Principal through proper channel and reasons for the withdrawal is genuine and not in any way affect the study of the student in the college. No refund will be allowed except Caution deposit.
    • For any reason if a student is to be taken home, in emergency only the parents will approach the Principal/ warden in person. A consent letter from parents to allow their daughters to be sent home by themselves should be submitted on admission.
    • No hostelites are allowed to go home from the clinical fields and to the clinical fields from home.
    • Visitors shall be received in the allotted visiting areas of hostel on permitted days and hours.
    • Any untoward incidents / breach of regulations / indiscipline will be promptly reported to the Principal / Vice principal. If the hostel rules are violated by the hostel inmates, the parents / guardians will be informed and further suitable action will be taken at the discretion of the Management.
    • All the students will have a roll call at 5.50 am after which all the Catholic students have to participate in the daily morning Mass. Others will sit in a class room praying, reading scripture or studying.
    • Rule on Mobile Phone: No one is allowed to keep mobile phones and other electronic gadgets such as Music system, Still Camera, Video camera, Computers in the hostel. It requires special permission from the Principal. Those unauthorized mobile handsets and electronic gadgets shall be confiscated by the wardens or tutors. This shall involve a monitory penalty.
    • A student who is admitted in the hospital for more than a one day has to be attended by the parents. On recovery the students will be discharged to the hostel
    • In case of minor ailments of the students, the parent will not be informed. The warden will take care of the students.
    • Only in serious and prolonged illness the student will be sent home.
  • Mess and Kitchen
    • All the hostelites are members of the Mess
    • The Mess serves both vegetarian and non-vegetarian meals.
    • It is managed by a Mess Committee consisting of the student representatives from all batches and Mess in-Charge.
    • The Mess Committee shall respect the opinion of the majority and all decisions of the Mess Committee shall be subjected to the opinion of the Mess-in-Charge.
    • The expenses of the mess and salaries to the cooks, helpers fuel etc. and other miscellaneous expenses are calculated by the mess committee along with the Mess in-charge on the last day of every month and divided equally among the hostelites. Absentees from the mess also will have to pay.
    • Mess bills are to be paid promptly without fine before 5th of every month. A fine will be charged in case of late payment.
  • Chapel

    The Sidhi Sadanites are blessed with divine atmosphere in the form of chapel within the hostel building. Students are given opportunities for practicing own religion. There will be annual retreats, monthly prayer meetings and daily prayer services. The catholic students are supposed to fully participate in these spiritual exercises, daily celebration of mass and periodic confessions.

  • Class Room

    The Lourdes College of Nursing- Sidhi Sadan has well designed classrooms with comfortable seating arrangements by considering individual students. Each classroom is operational with Black Boards, OHPs, LCD Projectors, Sound System and other teaching aids.

  • Transportation

    College Vehicle services are available for the transportation of the students from the College to the Hospital and back to college, Drivers are working full time under the guidance of Administrative Officer.

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